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Making a Difference with Your Future

If you want to ensure that your assets are distributed in a way that reflects your wishes, then hiring a qualified estate attorney is crucial. The Law Office of Lillian Orzechowski assists regular individuals in navigating difficult legal problems and making plans for the future of their families. You can work with a skilled estate lawyer at our law firm to draft and alter wills, trusts, guardianship declarations, and other legal documents. Since 1990, Lillian Orzechowski has provided advice and advocacy in the fields of real estate law, elder law, probate administration, and estate planning. Her goal is to offer the residents of Springdale, Pennsylvania, and the neighboring communities affordable legal options tailored to their particular needs. Consider calling attorney Lillian Orzechowski to request a consultation in New Kensington, PA.

Plan for The Future with Personalized Assistance

How do you intend to leave your possessions to your loved ones after you pass away? You must have a working estate plan to manage how your assets are dispersed and spare your loved ones the time and expense. Our will and trust law office works with clients to identify their unique needs and design trusts and wills tailored to assist them in accomplishing their desired outcomes. Additionally, we evaluate and update current estate plans.

Our estate attorney can help you plan for your future, making the process of passing on your assets more straightforward. Lillian Orzechowski can help reduce the stress of leaving your loved ones with financial security. You can specify how you want your assets distributed in your final will and testament. It also enables you to designate a guardian who will take care of your minor child in the event that you pass away before they are of legal age.

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Most certainly, one of the greatest transactions you make in your lifetime will be buying or selling a property. By dealing with a real estate attorney, you can make sure that your rights and interests are safeguarded during this transaction. In order to make sure you comprehend the terms of your transaction and are aware of any potential obligations, attorney Lillian Orzechowski in Springdale, Pennsylvania, can walk you through the procedure and check all of the relevant documents. If you’re in New Kensington, PA, schedule an appointment today.