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Guardianship Attorney in Springdale, Pennsylvania

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Whether you need a lawyer’s assistance to establish legal guardianship over a loved one or to designate a legal guardian for your child in your estate plan, the Law Office of Lillian Orzechowski can assist you. There are many physical and mental health-related reasons why an adult may need a legal guardian to make crucial decisions on their behalf. There are also cases when parents may not be fit to be caregivers for their minor child, and a friend or relative has to step in and establish guardianship. Whatever the case, Lillian can assist you through the often complex legal processes required to establish guardianship and protect the well-being of your loved one. Our firm assists clients in the Springdale, PA area.

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Establishing Legal Custody of A Child

This process involves filing guardianship paperwork with the appropriate local court and attending a hearing. In cases where someone is attempting to obtain guardianship over an adult, the court will have to rule that person to be incapacitated (incapable of making their own decisions).

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